"We turn pennies into bills" - Company Message
We contribute to our clients' success by taking care of their administrative budgeting problems, leaving them free to develop their business. Using our services is a very cost-effective and flexible alternative to employing a full or part time assistant as we create a tailor made package to suite our clients' requirements.

If you find yourself in any of these positions:

  • have more bills but not enough money to save or even live comfortably 

  • own a business that require help with account budgeting, administration, and/or invoicing

  • thinking about hiring your first employees and need someone to handle all aspect of payroll, including offering direct deposit and filing your quarterly unemployment taxes 

  • filling current and past years tax returns or arranging payments with the IRS  

  • lacking the amount of time to meet deadlines and concentrate on your core tasks

  • are you thinking in need of planning for a huge event but have a problem saving

Call DJD Accounting Solutions now to find out how WE can HELP YOU 
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